Ardas Trebus

Reiki - Insight Palmistry - The Exodus System

Reiki Master Teacher - Cert Adult Teaching

Through Reiki, Insight Palmistry and Exodus I support people to gain a better understanding of themselves, so that in turn there can be an - ever - increasing trust and relaxation into Life’s unfolding.

Originally from the Netherlands, I immigrated to New Zealand in 1994.  After two years in Waimate I came to Christchurch, which has been my home ever since.

In my teens I became involved in yoga, meditation, health foods and natural healing, which led to working in a vegetarian restaurant and health food shop, and teaching yoga and meditation classes.

Whilst living in Amsterdam I also worked in an herbal/natural remedy shop. Customers often came with vague complaints and I wondered if there was a way to help identify what was happening for them.

After researching different options, I ended up in a palmistry course with Lydia Kimman, a greatly innovative palmist, iridologist and naturopath. I trained with her for four years. During this time, I saw that most people have seemingly conflicting qualities, and my strength lies in assisting people to understand these ‘opposing’ energies and how they actually hold their own innate harmony.

I have been giving readings, lectures and courses in what I call ‘Insight Palmistry’ since 1985 in the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1990-91 I lived in Australia, where Klaudia Hochhuth, a Reiki MasterTeacher who had been trained by Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the recognised Reiki lineage bearer, initiated and trained me in Reiki I and II.

Using Reiki on myself had a great impact. It started a new chapter in my spiritual journey that continues to this day, and is best described as a great letting go of concepts and beliefs.

In 1994 I met Kaya Weinman, who had a significant influence on my life in New Zealand. With her I trained in Sand Tray Play Therapy Levels 1 and 2, was initiated and trained in Reiki III, and completed the MasterTeacher training. Kaya also introduced me to The Exodus System. In 1995 I followed two Exodus trainings; one with Louis Carosio and one with Shelley Wolfe.

Completing the Certificate in Adult Teaching in 1997 at the Christchurch College of Education (now part of the University of Canterbury) opened new doors, and I have been teaching Reiki in Christchurch Women’s Prison, in the community, and for many (pre-quake) years as part of the Adult Community Education programme at Hornby High School.

Ten Reiki students have completed their MasterTeacher training with me.
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Reiki or ‘The Usui System of Natural Healing’
Reiki energy works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Over the many years that I have shared Reiki with clients and students I have been amazed at how Reiki has influenced people’s lives; from the mental and emotional clarity and spaciousness that can result from a very deeply experienced relaxation, to finding ones’ direction in life; from a general feeling of well-being to accelerated healing and recovery.

I often describe Reiki as a form of energy work that intends for the highest good of the recipient. As a practitioner and teacher, I do not know what this highest good will look like, but I have learned to trust in what unfolds and I offer further support where needed.

Reiki treatment
During a Reiki treatment I simply place my hands in different positions on or above the client’s fully dressed body. The Reiki energy is not directed or controlled by me, but will flow where it is needed. I like to work intuitively, following where the Reiki energy leads my hands.

Though the Reiki energy flows according to its own innate intelligence, the energy can be focussed to assist with the ‘unlocking’ of dense energy patterns such as anxiety, persistent thought patterns or chronic conditions.

Since you will lie down during the session it is important to wear comfortable clothing. The treatment can also be received while sitting down.

Distant Reiki treatment
Reiki is also extremely effective long-distance, as the energy is not bound by time or space.

Contact me if you wonder if Reiki is right for you.

Hands-on Reiki session 1 hour $80

Distant Reiki session 1 hour $60

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Reiki training

“Receiving the Reiki initiation is like fine-tuning a radio.  From there on the reception will always be crystal clear.”
(Klaudia Hochhuth, Reiki MasterTeacher who imitated me in Reiki I and II.)

If you are interested in using Reiki for yourself, your family, and your pets, or if you are professionally involved in the support of patients or clients within the physical and mental health care systems; learning Reiki can be one of the best things you have ever done.

The beauty of Reiki is that it can be given in a subtle and supportive way - anywhere, at any time. As one of my teachers often said: “One minute of Reiki is better than none”.

There are three levels of Reiki training, plus the MasterTeacher training.

Reiki I
Especially useful for health practitioners, Doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, beauticians, healers and anyone interested in energy healing. Reiki enhances the sense of peace and ease for both the giver and receiver, and it accelerates the healing process post operations, injury or trauma.
  • You will be initiated into Level I and have Reiki available for life
  • You will be taught how to give Reiki to yourself and others

Reiki II
  • You will be initiated into Level II and taught three symbols which:
    • Focus and thereby magnify the Reiki energy
    • Enable you to send distant healing
    • Assist in dealing with conditions such as anxiety, depression and addiction
Reiki III
  • You will be initiated into Level III and taught two ‘Master symbols’, which add a whole new depth to the Reiki experience
  • You will also be given teachings and techniques to assist with the letting go of deeply held, unhelpful patterns and beliefs.
  • Learn how to confidently give Reiki to others
Each level is taught in one day.  
Please contact me if you are interested in receiving the gift of being able to give Reiki to yourself and others.
The training is offered in groups or one-on-one.

Level I: $200
Level II: $250
Level III: $300

Pre-requisite for level II and III: you will need to have learnt Reiki I and/or II, either with me or another MasterTeacher.

Reiki MasterTeacher Training
The Reiki MasterTeacher Training is for those who want to teach Reiki to others, even if that is to only one or two people in your life-time.

You will learn the Reiki teachings and initiation processes, and how to facilitate the learning process for another.
Even more important is the aspect of self-discovery during the training – the unique unfolding for each person around the introspection of what you think needs to be (further) developed in order to be the best possible Reiki teacher. This can be a deeply revealing process for which you receive my support and guidance.

The training consists of:
  • Four teaching days over a period of four months
  • Online or phone support in between as needed
  • Supervision for 6 months post qualifying to support your journey of being a confident Reiki MasterTeacher
Pre-requisite: you will need to have learnt Reiki I-III, either with me or another MasterTeacher.

$2,500 (payments can be made over the 4 months)

Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a Reiki MasterTeacher.
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Insight Palmistry
Insight Palmistry has no connection with reading the future or gazing in a crystal ball. There is no fortune that I can promise and no doom that I will predict.

For example, a long or short life line doesn’t show me how long you will live. It does tell me though about your day-to-day action energy levels. In combination with the total picture of your palms the life line shows me how you use your energy and how you could possibly use it more efficiently.

In the specialised way that I work with palmistry each line is regarded as a quality. During a reading it is as if I draw a map of your personality involving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. The emphasis in the reading is to give insight into your unique qualities and how to apply these qualities to their full potential.

The depth of the insights can be surprising, and often leads to more understanding and respect for the way you and others function.

The actual reading
I first make a print of your hands and write down details which I use during the reading. Most often people come for one reading to get a deeper understanding about themselves. The lines in the hands can, and often do, change though, and the print can be used later on to see if/what changes took place. Normally this kind of follow up reading happens after 1½ - 2 years.

As well as the one-to-one readings I am specialised in reading the hands of two or more people together, comparing them and so increasing understanding and communication (e.g. between partners, friends, relatives or co-workers). These sessions take longer than the one-on-one session.

Long distance reading
I also provide long distance readings. I will use photos/photo copies of your palms, and you will receive a written report on what your palms reveal. Please contact me for specific instructions regarding the photos/photo copies that are required for this kind of reading.

­One-on-one reading 1½ - 2 hours $150 (this includes long distance readings with a written report)
Two people 2½ - 3 hours $250
Please contact me regarding a reading for more than two people.

Insight Palmistry training
Please contact me about the possibilities that are available to learn – one-on-one or in a group - to read palms.

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The Exodus System 
In 1994 three American healers, Peter and Shelley Wolfe, together with Roberta Roth, co-created Exodus. Exodus is strongly connected with New Zealand, as Waitaha Elder Dr Rangimarie Turuko Arikirangi Rose Pere worked and prayed with Roberta to help bring this healing system into form.

Exodus incorporates ancient healing ways such as sacred geometry, light and colour frequencies, soul retrieval, and Reiki. It integrates and uses these energies to promote deep, positive change on all levels.

It is my experience that people often come for an Exodus session when they feel that they are at cross roads, when they are presented with big life questions.

An Exodus session is a guided meditation journey that I, as the practitioner, facilitate and follow. The client is laying down and may be aware of the Exodus process; there may be energy releases, but also a drifting away in a deep ‘sleep’. After the actual energy work has been completed I share the information that has come to me during the session. It is the client who gives meaning to the story that emerges. Even though I don’t always understand the images and words that have been gifted, again and again I have seen people being deeply touched, and changes and healing taking place on levels and in ways that are humbling to witness.

Since you will lie down for most of the session it is important to wear comfortable clothing.
Please contact me if you have any questions about this remarkable energy work.

Exodus session 1½ hour $100

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Cost (as per 22 April 2023)
Reiki session               
Hands on 1 hour $80
Long distance 1 hour $60

Reiki training
Level I: $200
Level II: $250
Level III: $300

Reiki Master Teacher training  
$2,500 (payments can be made over the 4 months)

Exodus session                 1½ hour             $100

­Insight Palmistry
One-on-one reading 1½ - 2 hours $150
(this includes long distance readings with a written report)
Two people 2½ - 3 hours $250

Please contact me regarding a reading for more than two people.

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Susan K., Christchurch
"I have received Reiki and a number of Exodus sessions from Ardas. From each of these experiences I have been profoundly helped. Repeatedly Ardas has relieved me of physical pain with Reiki. Her Exodus work has deeply changed my life. With her ability to intuit deep seated causes for my present patterns that cause me to be emotionally challenged. From these insights I have become more conscious of my choices and more free from the past to be my more optimistic and calmer self."

Nilguen Y., Christchurch
"I had an amazing experience when Ardas read my palms and explored my past, present and possible future lines and crosses in great detail. She explained everything really well and answered my many questions. I gained great insights into my tendencies, behaviors, relationship dynamics and areas not yet fully developed. I feel Ardas' reading and her knowledge and wisdom truly helped me to step into some new adventures with more confidence and to make sense of developments in my life I had always been curious about. I can highly recommend Ardas who brings not only huge amounts of experience but also her communication skills warmth and a great sense of humor to her sessions."

Alison W., Portugal
"I have known Ardas for many years. She offers her self in support of those that are seeking answers to challenges, who seek healing and who are inquiring into their life . Her healing energy is clear and centred . This is because she has spent many years in self inquiry finding out what blocks her from seeing clearly and healing herself . She is able to guide and open the way for those wishing to gain insight into their own blocks so that they might live more fully, and with courage and insights fulfill their own lives.
I can only say what a gift it is to have the opportunity to sit with Ardas and let her open the pathways to your own clear seeing and healing . She is a precious guide and healer who supports opening our hearts and opening to ourselves."

Sevika S., Portugal  
After a long-distance Insight Palmistry reading
"Bless you for such an insightful and accurate reading. You were spot on!
You are so gifted and I value your work. Thank you so much."

Alexandra S., Dunedin
After an Insight Palmistry reading, together with her partner 
"The palmistry reading with Ardas was very insightful for me. I was amazed how much information about us is layed out in our palms. It reconfirmed certain personality patterns I have observed in myself. It also helped me to see more clearly aspects of myself, that I tried to ignore and pointed out the inherent resources "at hand" to deal with challenges, life presents.

My partner had a reading with Ardas at the same time as me. Looking at both of our palms Ardas was able to point out, how our personalities and conditionings are interacting, in which aspects we are similar or complementary. It was very encouraging and helpful to hear, that playfulness and trust are our basic resources.

Ardas has a beautiful way of using metaphors to describe what she sees, which brings it concisely to the point and she has a wonderful sense of humour. I can really recommend palmistry with Ardas as a powerful tool for self-understanding and growth.

I also received one Reiki treatment from Ardas and felt a pleasant wave of release and relaxation throughout my whole body. I could clearly sense the healing energy that was flowing through Ardas during the session."

Matt C., Dunedin
After an Insight Palmistry reading, together with his partner 
"I had a palmistry session with Ardas and was impressed by the depth and sensitivity of the reading.
The observations she made were insightful and a couple of the most acute continue to be helpful as time passes."

M.S., Christchurch
After Reiki Level 1 training
"It was such a healing experience just to be with you!"

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