Reiki or ‘The Usui System of Natural Healing’
Reiki energy works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Over the many years that I have shared Reiki with clients and students I have been amazed at how Reiki has influenced people’s lives; from the mental and emotional clarity and spaciousness that can result from a very deeply experienced relaxation, to finding ones’ direction in life; from a general feeling of well-being to accelerated healing and recovery.

I often describe Reiki as a form of energy work that intends for the highest good of the recipient. As a practitioner and teacher, I do not know what this highest good will look like, but I have learned to trust in what unfolds and I offer further support where needed.

Reiki treatment
During a Reiki treatment I simply place my hands in different positions on or above the client’s fully dressed body. The Reiki energy is not directed or controlled by me, but will flow where it is needed. I like to work intuitively, following where the Reiki energy leads my hands.

Though the Reiki energy flows according to its own innate intelligence, the energy can be focussed to assist with the ‘unlocking’ of dense energy patterns such as anxiety, persistent thought patterns or chronic conditions.

Since you will lie down during the session it is important to wear comfortable clothing. The treatment can also be received while sitting down.

Distant Reiki treatment
Reiki is also extremely effective long-distance, as the energy is not bound by time or space.

Contact me if you wonder if Reiki is right for you.

Hands-on Reiki session 1 hour $80

Distant Reiki session 1 hour $60

Reiki sessions image