Reiki training

“Receiving the Reiki initiation is like fine-tuning a radio.  From there on the reception will always be crystal clear.”
(Klaudia Hochhuth, Reiki MasterTeacher who imitated me in Reiki I and II.)

If you are interested in using Reiki for yourself, your family, and your pets, or if you are professionally involved in the support of patients or clients within the physical and mental health care systems; learning Reiki can be one of the best things you have ever done.

The beauty of Reiki is that it can be given in a subtle and supportive way - anywhere, at any time. As one of my teachers often said: “One minute of Reiki is better than none”.

There are three levels of Reiki training, plus the MasterTeacher training.

Reiki I
Especially useful for health practitioners, Doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, beauticians, healers and anyone interested in energy healing. Reiki enhances the sense of peace and ease for both the giver and receiver, and it accelerates the healing process post operations, injury or trauma.
  • You will be initiated into Level I and have Reiki available for life
  • You will be taught how to give Reiki to yourself and others
Reiki II
  • You will be initiated into Level II and taught three symbols which:
    • Focus and thereby magnify the Reiki energy
    • Enable you to send distant healing
    • Assist in dealing with conditions such as anxiety, depression and addiction
Reiki III
  • You will be initiated into Level III and taught two ‘Master symbols’, which add a whole new depth to the Reiki experience
  • You will also be given teachings and techniques to assist with the letting go of deeply held, unhelpful patterns and beliefs.
  • Learn how to confidently give Reiki to others
Each level is taught in one day.  
Please contact me if you are interested in receiving the gift of being able to give Reiki to yourself and others.
The training is offered in groups or one-on-one.

Level I: $200
Level II: $250
Level III: $300

Pre-requisite for level II and III: you will need to have learnt Reiki I and/or II, either with me or another MasterTeacher.

Reiki MasterTeacher Training
The Reiki MasterTeacher Training is for those who want to teach Reiki to others, even if that is to only one or two people in your life-time.

You will learn the Reiki teachings and initiation processes, and how to facilitate the learning process for another.
Even more important is the aspect of self-discovery during the training – the unique unfolding for each person around the introspection of what you think needs to be (further) developed in order to be the best possible Reiki teacher. This can be a deeply revealing process for which you receive my support and guidance.

The training consists of:
  • Four teaching days over a period of four months
  • Online or phone support in between as needed
  • Supervision for 6 months post qualifying to support your journey of being a confident Reiki MasterTeacher
Pre-requisite: you will need to have learnt Reiki I-III, either with me or another MasterTeacher.

$2,500 (payments can be made over the 4 months)

Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a Reiki MasterTeacher.
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