Susan K., Christchurch
"I have received Reiki and a number of Exodus sessions from Ardas. From each of these experiences I have been profoundly helped. Repeatedly Ardas has relieved me of physical pain with Reiki. Her Exodus work has deeply changed my life. With her ability to intuit deep seated causes for my present patterns that cause me to be emotionally challenged. From these insights I have become more conscious of my choices and more free from the past to be my more optimistic and calmer self."

Nilguen Y., Christchurch
"I had an amazing experience when Ardas read my palms and explored my past, present and possible future lines and crosses in great detail. She explained everything really well and answered my many questions. I gained great insights into my tendencies, behaviors, relationship dynamics and areas not yet fully developed. I feel Ardas' reading and her knowledge and wisdom truly helped me to step into some new adventures with more confidence and to make sense of developments in my life I had always been curious about. I can highly recommend Ardas who brings not only huge amounts of experience but also her communication skills warmth and a great sense of humor to her sessions."

Alison W., Portugal
"I have known Ardas for many years. She offers her self in support of those that are seeking answers to challenges, who seek healing and who are inquiring into their life . Her healing energy is clear and centred . This is because she has spent many years in self inquiry finding out what blocks her from seeing clearly and healing herself . She is able to guide and open the way for those wishing to gain insight into their own blocks so that they might live more fully, and with courage and insights fulfill their own lives.
I can only say what a gift it is to have the opportunity to sit with Ardas and let her open the pathways to your own clear seeing and healing . She is a precious guide and healer who supports opening our hearts and opening to ourselves."

Sevika S., Portugal  
After a long-distance Insight Palmistry reading
"Bless you for such an insightful and accurate reading. You were spot on!
You are so gifted and I value your work. Thank you so much."

Alexandra S., Dunedin
After an Insight Palmistry reading, together with her partner 
"The palmistry reading with Ardas was very insightful for me. I was amazed how much information about us is layed out in our palms. It reconfirmed certain personality patterns I have observed in myself. It also helped me to see more clearly aspects of myself, that I tried to ignore and pointed out the inherent resources "at hand" to deal with challenges, life presents.

My partner had a reading with Ardas at the same time as me. Looking at both of our palms Ardas was able to point out, how our personalities and conditionings are interacting, in which aspects we are similar or complementary. It was very encouraging and helpful to hear, that playfulness and trust are our basic resources.

Ardas has a beautiful way of using metaphors to describe what she sees, which brings it concisely to the point and she has a wonderful sense of humour. I can really recommend palmistry with Ardas as a powerful tool for self-understanding and growth.

I also received one Reiki treatment from Ardas and felt a pleasant wave of release and relaxation throughout my whole body. I could clearly sense the healing energy that was flowing through Ardas during the session."

Matt C., Dunedin
After an Insight Palmistry reading, together with his partner 
"I had a palmistry session with Ardas and was impressed by the depth and sensitivity of the reading.
The observations she made were insightful and a couple of the most acute continue to be helpful as time passes."

M.S., Christchurch
After Reiki Level 1 training
"It was such a healing experience just to be with you!"

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