Insight Palmistry
Insight Palmistry has no connection with reading the future or gazing in a crystal ball. There is no fortune that I can promise and no doom that I will predict.

For example, a long or short life line doesn’t show me how long you will live. It does tell me though about your day-to-day action energy levels. In combination with the total picture of your palms the life line shows me how you use your energy and how you could possibly use it more efficiently.

In the specialised way that I work with palmistry each line is regarded as a quality. During a reading it is as if I draw a map of your personality involving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. The emphasis in the reading is to give insight into your unique qualities and how to apply these qualities to their full potential.

The depth of the insights can be surprising, and often leads to more understanding and respect for the way you and others function.

The actual reading
I first make a print of your hands and write down details which I use during the reading. Most often people come for one reading to get a deeper understanding about themselves. The lines in the hands can, and often do, change though, and the print can be used later on to see if/what changes took place. Normally this kind of follow up reading happens after 1½ - 2 years.

As well as the one-to-one readings I am specialised in reading the hands of two or more people together, comparing them and so increasing understanding and communication (e.g. between partners, friends, relatives or co-workers). These sessions take longer than the one-on-one session.

Long distance reading
I also provide long distance readings. I will use photos/photo copies of your palms, and you will receive a written report on what your palms reveal. Please contact me for specific instructions regarding the photos/photo copies that are required for this kind of reading.

­One-on-one reading 1½ - 2 hours $150 (this includes long distance readings with a written report)
Two people 2½ - 3 hours $250
Please contact me regarding a reading for more than two people.

Insight Palmistry training
Please contact me about the possibilities that are available to learn – one-on-one or in a group - to read palms.

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