The Exodus System 
In 1994 three American healers, Peter and Shelley Wolfe, together with Roberta Roth, co-created Exodus. Exodus is strongly connected with New Zealand, as Waitaha Elder Dr Rangimarie Turuko Arikirangi Rose Pere worked and prayed with Roberta to help bring this healing system into form.

Exodus incorporates ancient healing ways such as sacred geometry, light and colour frequencies, soul retrieval, and Reiki. It integrates and uses these energies to promote deep, positive change on all levels.

It is my experience that people often come for an Exodus session when they feel that they are at cross roads, when they are presented with big life questions.

An Exodus session is a guided meditation journey that I, as the practitioner, facilitate and follow. The client is laying down and may be aware of the Exodus process; there may be energy releases, but also a drifting away in a deep ‘sleep’. After the actual energy work has been completed I share the information that has come to me during the session. It is the client who gives meaning to the story that emerges. Even though I don’t always understand the images and words that have been gifted, again and again I have seen people being deeply touched, and changes and healing taking place on levels and in ways that are humbling to witness.

Since you will lie down for most of the session it is important to wear comfortable clothing.
Please contact me if you have any questions about this remarkable energy work.

Exodus session 1½ hour $100

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